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Could not initialize the DirectIo.sys driver

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  • Could not initialize the DirectIo.sys driver

    Never had problem before, since yesterday, I get this warning when I try to start version 7 of Performance test. Got it on 2 differents PCs, freshly intall with Windows XP, one with an integrated video (chipset intel G31) and the other with chipset AMD770 and a video card Radeon 4650 (512G - latest Catalyst drivers).

    I suspect a faulty update from Microsoft.

    Anybody else got that ?

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    It could be a lack of admin privledges, or it might be that you are running the 32bit PerformanceTest release on 64bit windows.


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      Nope. The 2 PCs I had that on, were XP Pro and XP MCE, both 32-bit. I downloaded the last build (1013) and still the same problem.

      I build 2 or 3 new PCs every week, build them all the same way, install Windows always the same way. Done nothing different. The last 2 PCs gave me this problem. Never happen before.


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        DirectIo.sys might also fail to load if you are running PerformanceTest from a removal drive. e.g. A floppy disk, or network drive.

        Having this driver fail to load should not effect the benchmark results, but will limit what system information can be collected.

        If anyone else sees this problem please post here or contact us, just in case it was an update in Windows XP that we need to take into account.


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          I got this directio.sys problem when I upgrade the program to PerformanceTest v7.0 build 1030 x64-bit. When I installed build 1029 again, it work fine. Do you not support Windows XP x64 anymore? Better I keep 1029 until you fixed this bug (if it is a bug)


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            XP 64bit is a very rare O/S. So we haven't been testing against it. We don't even have an install of it any more.
            We do test against Vista 64bit / Win7 64bit / Win8 64bit / Win Server.
            It should work the same way as Vista 64bit, and has done in the past.

            In a few weeks we are going to release PerformanceTest V8.
            Can you test out PT8
            If that doesn't work on XP 64bit, then we'll look into it.
            Doesn't make sense to put more effort into PT7 right before the PT8 release.


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              I made a backup of directIo.sys from PT 7.0 build 1029 and put it in performancetest folder after I have intalled PT 7.0 build 1030. Now it work fine

              I also tested the PT 8.0 beta and it seems a bit buggy. It looks like this after the test, but its just a beta, so it will be fixed I think. There was no directio.sys error


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                We decided to do a new PT7 release today. It is very likely the final patch release of PT7.
                So that should fix the DirectIO issue. It looks like we included the wrong version of the DirectIO driver in a prior release.

                For PT8 I assume you saw that screen corruption when doing a re-size on Windows XP. If so this is a known issue. We thought it was fixed, but maybe not. Doesn't seem to occur on Vista nor Win7. Should be fixed up in the next PT8 beta (which should be out in the next couple of days).