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Reading the Benchmark Scores in CPU Lookup

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  • Reading the Benchmark Scores in CPU Lookup

    Hi. I was debating on which laptop I should buy, and was checking the benchmark performance of AMD Turion II Ultra Dual-Core Mobile M620 and the Intel Core i5 430M. Their respective benchmark scores were 1647, and 2394. With the i5 on top. I then noticed that the i5 was on the High End Cpu benchmark section, while the AMD was in the High Mid Range Cpu. Is there a difference between the two? Can I compare the numbers as is? Or do I need to weigh in the fact that one is in the high end section while the other is not?

    Also, I really like only the HP laptop designs, but can't seem to find the in between Cpus like Intel Core i5 540. If I can't find it, and if the i5 is indeed better than the highest AMD which was the Ultra m620, then I was going to go with the Intel:

    Is it a good choice? Thank you.

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    Yes, you can compare them.
    There was just too many CPUs to fit them into 1 chart, so we have to break the list up into a number of charts.

    If you could print them all out, then you could place them one under the other, and adjust the Y axis scale, you could have one large chart.


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      Thank you so much for your help. =]