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Passmark benchmark drops after Windows 7 upgrade

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  • Passmark benchmark drops after Windows 7 upgrade

    Hello I have upgraded two of my computers from Windows Vista Home Premium (64 bit) to Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit) Passmark benchmark drops after Windows 7 upgrade. In both cases the Passmark score went down after upgrade (significantly).

    My HP Pavilion p6130y desktop had the following passmark score before upgrade

    Overall---------: 823.5
    CPU -Mark---: 3046.5
    2D-Graphics--: 403.7

    3D-Graphics--: 93.2
    Memory-Mark: 747.7
    Disk-Mark----: 641.7
    CD-Mark------: 432.2

    after upgrade to Windows 7 it was

    Overall---------: 678.0
    CPU -Mark---: 3119.0
    2D-Graphics--: 157.5

    3D-Graphics--: 96.5
    Memory-Mark: 866.4
    Disk-Mark----: 492.7
    CD-Mark------: 241.6

    As you can see some scores went up but 2D-graphics became much lower, and Disk-Mark, and CD Mark also went down. The same pattern appears on my other computer. I see no noticable performance degradation.

    I am wondering if anyone else sees the same thing. What could the reason be?

    Any help, information or suggestions are appreciated


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    See this FAQ
    Q. 2D results in Windows 7 seem poor compared to previous versions of Windows, why is this?

    The CD result is very dependant on the CD media used. And the disk result is also imflenced by many external factors out of the control of the software. Such as the location of the test files on the disk.


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      Thank you

      I missed this FAQ (did not find it). This is excellent and very helpful information. Now I am not worried about it. Thank you very much for pointing out this FAQ to me. The disk score was because I did not use the same media before and after, but FAQ explained the 2D Graphics score.

      Thank you



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        Why do my Passmark 2D scores indicate I either have a very slow computer when benchmark results from Sandra and Futuremark indicate otherwise? Has anyone else had this problem?


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          As far as I am aware Sandra doesn't include a 2D graphics benchmark. So it is entirely possible you have a fast CPU, RAM and disk, but still have the graphics on the slow side.