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3d graphics med test weird result.

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  • Michael (Passmark)
    One factor could be driver differences between benchmarks (was the 4980 you compared using the same catalyst version). There can often be significant performance differences between driver versions, and the latest drivers are not always the fastest.

    While the medium test score does look quite low in comparison, it's still over 100fps which is more than most people would need.

    The medium test is exactly what you see. It's the same as the complex test except in a window and using less complex visual features.

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  • Topher
    started a topic 3d graphics med test weird result.

    3d graphics med test weird result.

    Hello all. I recently received a Radeon 5830 from a friend who upgraded and was a little confused by my passmark results.

    I was previously running the Nvidia 260 gt and was using that for the comparison. I saw a huge increase in all the tests except for in the medium 3d test. The fps dropped from 500 on the 260 to 150 on the radeon. my thoughts were that maybe it was just the difference in the way they manufacturing differences, BUT i also compared it to a 4980 which shows an increase also.

    So now I'm a bit puzzled. I feel as though I should be an increase. Any thoughts? I'm thinking maybe a catalyst issue or setting I missed. But it could just be the way the card was made.

    Last question is what does the medium test actually test? knowing that might help me figure it out. Here is a screen cap of the differences in builds.

    The green is my current configuration.