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  • CPU speed wrong...

    Hiya guys I'm new to the forum. I just downloaded this software to bench my system cause I'm bored lol.

    It's weird though. I don't think v7 is reading my CPU correctly. I'm at 3.4GHz on a Q9400 but according to PT7 my FSB is 380 whilst I'm really at 425.

    I don't know why it would do that. I'm having a hard time with comparing my results too because I don't know if the other results are showing the same error in clock speeds. This is bugging me. Anyone else have this problem? Workaround? Does it matter?'s my CPU score I hope it's good!!!

    Thanks guys/gals!!!
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    The speed PT reports is the speed we measure the CPU running at rather than what the CPU says it is running at.

    Modern CPUs automatically under-clock themselves when not under load. Whilst we try to force them up to full speed for the measurement sometimes they don't reach full speed.

    If you really want to see PT measure the correct speed you could try running some other intensive task just before launching PT (even another copy of PT running the CPU tests). It's also possible that your CPU really isn't ever reaching it's full clock speed (strange things can happen when you start over-clocking)

    Regardless, the the tests will hit your CPU to its maximum potential. And compared to a normally clocked Q9400 your CPU Mark is quite good.
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      I have that stuff disabled on my mobo (ga-ep45t-ud3lr). But I just tried what you said. I ran superpi while starting up PT7 and it showed the same. I think it's a bug honestly. I've got speedstepping and enhanced halt or whatever off. It's idling at 3.4GHz all day long.

      Not a big deal though. Just one of the those "aww wtf" things I guess. The last time I used this software was with a Northwood P4...I remember being excited when I got a 2.53GHz to score over 400 lol.
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