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Invalid Video Mode - ASUS ATI EAH5770

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    So maybe this was the root cause of the D3DERR_DEVICELOST error. Havng a set of ATI device drivers installed for an old ATI card, then upgrading the card to a new ATI card without a reinstall of the drivers.

    Doesn't explain the low score you are now seeing however. Can you run all the 3D tests from the "Tests / 3D graphics / All" menu and post your results.

    What CPU do you have?


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      I have an i5 760 on an Gigabyte H55M-USB3 motherboard.

      I checked Advance, 3D Grapbics, and clicked Complex Test. It just gave me the same error and wouldn't run. I have the evaluation version of the performance test and it's about to expire. I don't know what to do, I've tried everything i could think of and everything you recommended. The only thing left is bad hardware it seems


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        and the Complex 3d test worked
        and clicked Complex Test. It just gave me the same error and wouldn't run
        I am a bit confused at this point, as to if it is working or not.

        Did you check the temperature of the video card?


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          I have a utility provided by ASUS called SmartDoctor and it states that the temperature is good and that "Your VGA Card is OK" 47 degress Celcius and 116 degrees F.

          The full test worked when I ran the full benchmark test but it scored my 3d really low.

          When I ran the individual complex test, it didn't work, i don't know.


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            47C under full load, or when idle?

            If it is 47C idle it might be up to 100C under full load (after running for a minute or 2).


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              47C while idle, but I've been running some other tests today in my attempts to fix this problem. I have smart doctor running and it was at 62C. When fully loaded though, I have a program called Furmark, you've probably heard of it, it got the temp at 83C. Now, it's down to about 48C so that looks like it's idle. I've ran it for 10 minutes+ and I've never seen it higher than 83C.

              So, I finally thought that this might be hardware related and decided to call the company whom I purchased the video card from. We talked about it and he told me that, when they get cards returned, they run Passmark BurnIn Test and 3D Mark Vantage. I got both those programs and I ran them both.

              BurnIn Test - gave me no errors with anything, but it looks like the 3D Graphics test only runs the Medium Test when compared with the PerformanceTest. So, no errors.

              3d Mark Vantage - I ran this test and my video card gave a score of 6400. When comparing that GPU score with everyone else's, mine is significantly lower. I compared people that have almost the same processor as me and the same video card their average score is around 10,000 compared to my 6400. That doesn't seem right. I even saw people with worse graphcis cards getting better scores.

              Now, back to PerformanceTest. After I did all this, I went back into this program and ran the complex test, it worked. I then ran the full benchmark, it worked. I then searched other computers for the SAME exact video card, same exact processor to compare results. I even went further and tried to match up my motherboard (Gigabyte H55M-USB3) and I found 2 other H55 motherboards. Here is the comparison for the 3D Graphics version of the test.

              Similar Computer 1
              3d Graphics Mark - 1641.9
              Simple Test - 2766.7
              Medium - 511.2
              Complex - 78.5
              DirectX 10 - 21.6

              Similar Computer 2
              3d Graphics Mark - 1717.6
              Simple Test - 2874.1
              Medium - 508.3
              Complex - 104.9
              Directx 10 - 21.1

              3d Graphics Mark - 1177.6
              Simple Test - 1761.9
              Medium - 580.1
              Complex - 11.5
              DirectX 10 - 16.7

              Both of there's are very similar as they should be with very similar hardware. Mine, most specifically, the Complex test, is SIGNIFICANTLY lower and it's a virtually identical system. Right after typing this message, I tried the complex test again and it worked.

              Lastly, the guy at the place I bought the video card at recommended a possible clean install of windows, that is my only option short of returning the video card. LEt me know what you think.


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                Shame we don't have the PC here. Would be much easier to debug.

                What are the CPU scores like? The 3D tests result also depend on the CPU performance.

                Your motherboard has 2 PCI-E slots. One x16 and one x1. Is your video card in the x16 slot or the x1 slot? Maybe this is the problem?

                In fact this is a strange motherboard. Becuase there are 2 PCI-E connectors on the board. The large size of the PCI-E connectors strongly implies they would both be x16 or x8. But in fact the specifications for the board say the 2nd slot is,
                "PCI Express x16 slot, running at x1 (PCIEX4_X1)"

                And there is this footnote on the Gigabyte web site. "For optimum performance, if only one PCI Express graphics card is to be installed, be sure to install it in the PCIEX16 slot."


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                  I just reinstalled windows today. I downloaded the test and got the error, I couldn't run the Complex Test.

                  My CPU score is 4770.8 which seems average for all the different comparables with same CPU and same video card.

                  I looked at the 2 PCI slots, and I had it installed in the x1 which you said is the wrong one.

                  In the manual, there are two slots, one called PCIEX16 and the other PCIEX4_X1 then to the right where it says the PCIEX4_X1, it says T.I. TSB43AB23 (not sure what this is)

                  Whatever the case, I moved it into the right slot and I still get error, not sure.


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                    One other thing, when I reinstalled windows 7, I chose to Dual Boot windows XP as well. I installed performance test and got a 64.9 out of 70 on the complex test, while in XP. Not sure what that means, here are the 32 bit XP results.
                    CPU Mark - 1031.1/2000 - seems low?
                    2d Graphics Mark - 347/400
                    Memory Mark 749.1/800
                    3d Graphics Mark - 1487.5

                    Passmark - 719.5/800


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                      The score are not "out of"
                      So your CPU score of 1031 is not out of 2000. The 2000 number is just the top end of the scale on the chart and it will change with your score.

                      But a CPU score of 1031 is very low for a i5 760. Should be 3 to 4 times higher.

                      So in fact the low video scores might be CPU related and not video card.

                      In XP are you using the 4 cores in the i5 or are you running on only 1 core?
                      Was the CPU score in Win7 similar to XP (it should be)?
                      Was is the CPU temp under load?


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                        in windows 7 where i'm running 64 bit PerformanceTest, my CPU marks are: (decimal places removed)

                        CPU Mark - 4876
                        Integer Math - 1956
                        Floating Point Math - 2555
                        Find Prime Numbers - 1211
                        SSE - 8.9
                        Compression 4308
                        Encryption 17.9
                        Physics - 352
                        String Sorting - 3552

                        win xp 32 bit
                        CPU Mark - 1031
                        integer math - 117
                        floating point math 530
                        find prime numbers 724
                        sse/3dNow! - 3863
                        Compression - 3063
                        Encription - 20
                        Image Rotation -481
                        String Sorting - 2326


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                          thought i'd mention this in case it might help. I just ran the DirectX 10 test randomly for no particular reason other than to see, and it ran but said:
                          The DIrectX 10 test ran correctly however there was an error during the cleanup phase and some objects may not have been released. This should not have affected the test score.


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                            I forgot to answer your other questions, I have all the cores set to run, I really don't know if one is not running or not. As I understand quad cores, they only use one for certain tasks and other.

                            CPU temp at idle is 100F and CPU temp under loan is 127F