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2d shapes?

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  • 2d shapes?

    Hi, I've got an amd 4000+ with 7800gtx and I ran the 2d test and the benchmark was very low for 2d shapes. Everything I compared it to was approximately 15 or higher my score was only 3. Does that sound strange? The other scores seemed reasonable. My motherboard is an asus a8n nforce4 sli. Something like that anyway. Any bugs or anything possibly in the benchmark program?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Yes a score of 3 is low.
    It is probably an indication that there is something not set up right. Maybe old or wrong video card device drivers, maybe there was no hardware acceleration at the resolution you are running at, or maybe something else.

    Maybe it was just a one off result becuase there was some other task running the background, just at the wrong moment.

    We are not aware of any bugs in this test.



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      I get similar results with a 2.8 p4 and a 9800PRO, most recent drivers and pretty consistantly low aswell


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        It would help if you post the actual results rather than just saying the result was low.

        We did some testing on various machines but didn't see any low results.

        Dual Xeon 3.4Hhz, Dual screen, Gefore 6600, Result 27
        AMD 3200+, ATI9600, Result 35
        P4 3.2Ghz, Geforce 4, Result 15

        So there is probably some unusual external factor that is special on your machines. I don't know what that might be however.



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          P4 2.8Ghz, Dual Screen, Radeon 9800XT Classic, Result 2.1

          Just thought I'd say it, I havn't got any high hopes about fixing it.


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            OK. I think we have identified part of the problem.

            In our own testing and independent tests we have seen that using SLI can cause a very low 2D- Shapes results.

            We believe this is a bug in the device driver for the cards when using SLI.

            We tried to contact NVidia about the bug, but they couldn't even be bothered answer our E-mails. I guess they probably know there are problems the SLI but prefer not to tell the public.