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Garphics card shows wrong in test

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  • Garphics card shows wrong in test

    I use passmark 7 and test my system it shows i have an ATI 4450 but the card in my system is an AMD 6350

    Anyone no why this would be ?

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    Can you save a baseline file from PerformanceTest and E-mail it to us. We'll take a look.


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      Thanks - Sent the file on


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        We did some investigation on your baseline.

        By the looks of things AMD has released more or less the same card under three different names. The 4450, 5450 and 6450 all seem to have the same internal identifier of "0x68F9", leading us to believe they are in fact the same hardware. Or there was some kind of mistake by AMD when giving these cards their identifiers.

        PerformanceTest is displaying the names based on a lookup table with the assumption this identifier was always unique between differently named cards, however it appears this is not the case.

        We will look at fixing this for the next major version of PerformanceTest.


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          can you explain this? thanx

          I have an ati hd 6950 2gb gddr5 purchased recently with new pc. the gpu itself has a green sticker that says 6950 w/black pcb. But the passmark performance test shows I have a 6850 w/ device id 6719. Which makes no sense at all because 6719 is the device id for the 6950. every program i run to get info on my gpu gives me weird info. for instance cpu-z says my card has (-) negative vram of 2048mb and also doesnt state any other info in the gpu tab except vram and says amd 6000 series.

          should i be worried . does this mean my card is broke , i see all types of cpu-z screenshots in forums with all the gpu info how it should be, but not mine.. and also passmark which is all about benchmarking identifies my card incorrectly, pretty strange. BTW i have not unlocked the gpu or bios at all. Could someone please let me know if this is their sorftware or my hw...thanx


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            You pasted the same post into 3 threads, including one which was about CPUs not video cards, and so off topic. I have deleted the duplicates. Please don't do it again.


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              new to posting threads . is there any way you could you can answer my question


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                they def dont have same device id ,, 6950 has device id 6719 and the 6850 has device id 6739 . they are close but not the same..


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                  oh and also i posted i 2 threads and sent one email this morning , but my question is real all the same


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                    As noted above PerformanceTest uses the device ID to identify the device, this ID is set by AMD. Also as noted above, ATI/AMD hasn't done a very good job in giving unique IDs to each card.

                    In V7.0 build 1020 this is the current translation from device ID to device name,

                    ID, Card Name
                    0x9552, ATI Radeon HD 4330
                    0x954F, ATI Radeon HD 4350
                    0x68F9, ATI Radeon HD 4450
                    0x68F9, ATI Radeon HD 5450
                    0x68D9, ATI Radeon HD 5570
                    0x689E, ATI Radeon HD 5830
                    0x6739, ATI Radeon HD 6850
                    0x6738, AMD Radeon HD 6870
                    0x6719, AMD Radeon HD 6950
                    0x6718, AMD Radeon HD 6970

                    If you are seeing translations different to the above, then you are probably using an old release of PerformanceTest, and should upgrade to the current build.


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                      i actually just downloaded version 7 64 bit yesterday and paid to upgrade it. so it makes no sense why it would do that , because passmark cearly gave the correct device id of 6719 but not the correct card #. it gave 6850 for some reason . bbut i also noticed today that when it was running the 3d benchmark it displayed 6950 in the top corner.