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Performance 6.1 Lines Drawing test failed on AMD platform

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  • Performance 6.1 Lines Drawing test failed on AMD platform

    I tried to run Passmark Performance 2D Graphic test on my platform. The system sometimes hang-up or no screen display once Lines Drawing testing.

    It seems GPU no responding due to an error message” VPU Recovering” displayed on screen by AMD Catalyst Control Center (AMD CCC).

    This issue also found by Lines Drawing testing on AMD HD3450 card installed on my system. However, it can be normally to run completely by testing on nVidia 8500GT and 9400GT graphic card on my system.

    Here is list about my system platform. Does any idea about this failure?
    By the way, there is no failure occurred by this system platform testing on PassMark Performance 7. It seems no Lines Drawing test in Performance 7.

    MB: AMD RS780E+SB710
    CPU:AMD L325
    On-Chip GPU: AMD HD3200
    AMD Graphic Driver: V8.840 and V8.850
    OS: Windows XP-X86 +SP3 DotNet3 and DotNet4
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    "VPU Recovering" means there has been a failure on the graphics card, or it device driver. It isn't a fault in the PerformanceTest software.

    The first thing to try is updating your device driver.

    Also we don't really support V6 of PerformanceTest anymore. If V7 doesn't have this problem on your system, I would suggest using V7.


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      Hi Sir,

      Thanks for your prompt response. The graphic driver is current latest edition which we tested.

      Regarding the Lines drawing test that change color by each 500 lines drawing. Supposedly, this test might cost more VRAM during test running, right?

      In fact, we just worry about this failure caused by our platform designing. Would you please help to share more information for what reason caused this failure on your experience? We would discuss more detail with our agent of AMD to analyze/debug the root cause on our design. Thanks in advance.


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        The test should use very little video ram. It is not a known problem, but this might not have been seen before partly because not so many people are still using the old V6 release.

        We can't tell you why the video card crashed. If you can replace the card with another one of the same model, then it would be a hardware fault. If replacing the card doesn't help, then it is more likely a device driver bug.


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          Yes, it might be device driver issue.I Install AMD HD3450 graphic card on one Intel platform with the latest driver V8.850 and also have the same symptom found.

          Thanks for your advice.