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Test stop in D3D! Sony laptop

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  • Test stop in D3D! Sony laptop

    After the full screen planes, test stop in black screen after it say it is testing direct X 3D. and i press esc and the software totaly goes off... windows 7 2 gb ram 4 gb free space in C core2duo cpu nvidia 256 mb video card

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    The most common problem is video card device drivers.
    So you should update these to start with.


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      i can not update because it is the last driver for my pc because i cant update from nvidia, it says i can update the driver only from my pc manufacturer's website. so that means i cant use :S


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        Why can't you update it from the manufacturer's website?


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          i do but its date is 2008 (manufacturer is sony). but's driver is newer i think. and i can't get the new driver from nvidia, only from sony's website, ie the old driver. (it is notebook pc) and this is what nvidia says: NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GT 101.28 The manufacturer of this system requires that you download the driver for your GPU from their support site. The GeForce M series and GeForce Go series notebook GPUs use drivers that have been customized by the notebook manufacturers to support hot key functions, power management functions, lid close and suspend/resume behavior. NVIDIA has worked with some notebook manufacturers to provide notebook-specific driver updates, however, most notebook driver updates must come from the notebook manufacturer. Additionally, the desktop GeForce graphics drivers will not install on Geforce M series and Quadro M series notebook GPU's.


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            Yes, 2008 is old in terms of video card drivers. A new driver appears almost monthly from nVidia and ATI.

            You could try the generic software,

            but be prepared to roll back if it doesn't work.

            If Sony have really customized the driver (a silly thing to do when new drivers come out monthly) then you might have a problem. Searching the net for your exact Sony model number might turn up a solution.


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              yes thanks very much for help