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AMD llano cpumark artificially inflated scores

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    Here's the solution!
    I applied your patch v1.2 which removes the Integer Devide patch from all CPU cores.
    The result of the CPU Mark is now fixed!
    Congratulations for the solution!


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      It is not really a solution, rather it just explains why the problem occurs. The lower performance is caused by a work around to a CPU bug (errata 665).

      As David noted in another post:
      "So with the tool above users of these CPUs now have the choice between unpredictable system hangs, or very poor integer division performance. (The bug might also impact modulo operations, but we haven't tested this).

      For most people poor integer division will be the better choice. While it is hard to come by real figures, the research others have done suggest that division only makes up 0.2% to 0.6% of instructions executed in some real life applications.

      Our integer maths benchmark test in PerformanceTest V7 is 25% division. So the impact is much more obvious. If however you are running some high end scientific calculations on these CPUs, then you might want to re-write your code to avoid doing divisions."