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  • Disk Mark Benchmark Question

    This is my first post, and i'd like to start it off with a hello to everyone.


    Basically I received a new pc about 10 days ago. I have a ssd and I ran passmark's benchmark the day i received the cp which is shown as the red line. The Disk Mark result was : 3771.

    After oc to my gpu and cpu and mem, I see results across the board except for the ssd, which is shown by the green line. The score is now: 2230

    The port it is connected to has not changed and I always keep my drives defragged. I did add another hdd to another port, but for storage only, and in the preferences I ran the test under the normal default settings, then ran it while selecting the hd to test as C: specifically in case it was for some reason picking up the other hd. Same result. Still lower than my initial test. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I don't understand why it is now lower

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    SSD's can get slower over time. Look up garbage collection and Trim. You might try 1) returning to normal clock speed and checking the disk result. 2) Disconnecting the 2nd drive and redoing the test disk. This will eliminate some possibilities.