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Customization of Performance Test

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  • Customization of Performance Test

    Is there a way to NOT do the Display performance tests, 2D and 3D? For my purposes, I do NOT care to benchmark the display adapter or the CD/DVD drive. Also, where do I find scripting information, readme file, etc.?

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    You can run whichever tests you want from the menus, or via scripting.

    Details about the scripting options are found in the help file (under the Help menu).


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      System environment variables

      I've been playing with the scripting tool. I would like to pass the Windows %COMPUTERNAME% variable into the script for more automated identification, to that point, I'd also like to use the %COMPUTERNAME% variable as part of the exported file name. Is there a way to accomplish this with the scripting language provided?


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        I would suggest writing a DOS script which generates a PT script, then executes the PT script.

        So your DOS script would be like this,

        echo SETCOMPUTERNAME "%computername%" >> myscript.ptscript
        echo RUN CPU_ALL >> myscript.ptscript
        echo EXPORTCSV "%computername%.csv"
        pt.exe /s myscript.ptscript
        del myscript.ptscript