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Is my cpu underperforming?

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  • Is my cpu underperforming?

    so ive run a cpu test in the passmark software and got a rating of 2300+,which is low compared to a baseline of the same cpu and speed,which got a rating of 4000+.........does tt mean that my cpu is underperforming? since i only run the cpu test, the test results shld not be affected by other hardwares except cpu only right?anyway i have a gts 250 and a amd fx4100,with a DDR3 4gb ram (2gb usable)...thx in advance...

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    Are you running the 32bit release or the 64bit release?
    The 64bit release will score higher.

    Did you check if you CPU is overheating?

    Also check the points in this post.
    Causes and Solutions for a slow PC


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      yea im running the 32-bit release.....but is the difference reli that great for 64 and 32bit? and no my cpu is new and it is not overheating


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        Depends on the operation and the data being operated on.

        There are some background details on 64bit performance here,
        and here

        As noted in the posts referenced above, in the most extreme case 64bit can be 7 times faster. More typical however is 0% - 20% improvement.


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          oh thx!!! looks like i jux haf to convince myself tt its my os and not my cpu...


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            From within PerformanceTest you can search for and download some 32bit results to compare against. Then you'll have a better idea if the performance is normal.