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  • David (PassMark)
    Yes, you might have gone from 16bit color to 32bit color, and switched to the Window's Aero theme after loading up the correct device driver. So your desktop will look better, but be slightly slower.

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  • Silence
    started a topic Question about Passmark

    Question about Passmark

    I freshly installed Windows 7 on my desktop and than downloaded and runned Paskmark performance test. I got 789 Points with 2D graphics mark and 0 from 3D graphics. After that i went to Nividea page and updated my graphics drivers and runned Passmark agen with new drivers and got 740 with 2D mark and 543 with 3D graphics. Could someone explain why 2D graphics score was lower after installing Drivers. Someone said that it has something to do with resolution, but i didnt get that. If someone would be so kind to answer me . I would be realy happy.. Merry Christmas btw