We had a crash reported by a customer with a crash dump running the PerformanceTest DirectX 11 3D benchmark on a nVidia GTX 980 Ti on Windows 10 Pro build 14393. Video Driver Version (12-11-2016)

Looking at the crash dump we saw from the stack trace that the crash was in a function called from this module, d3d11!CLayeredObject

Stack trace was,
00000000`0014b6d8 : 0xd9abe60
00000000`0014b6e0 : d3d11!CLayeredObject<CDevice>::CContainedObject::A ddRef+0x35
00000000`0014b710 : SS2OSD

d3d11 is DirectX11. Which is software supplied by Microsoft and the video card supplier, nVidia in this case.

However, interestingly, the first function was, SS2OSD.

With a bit of help from Google we found out this is "Sonic studio 2" from ASUS (Asustek).
And we are betting OSD stands for On Screen Display. And further guessing it is hooking into the 3D rendering process to display some type overlay on the screen.

Digging deeper this SS2OSD module is contained in the disk file, ss2osd.dll. Often found in this folder.
C:\Program Files\ASUSTeKcomputer.Inc\SS2\UserInterface\x64\

And this file is code signed by a French company called "A-Volute", which indicates they are the developers. Likely ASUS licensed it from them. Which was a dumb thing to do without testing it properly.

Lot of people seem to have problems with the SS2 software crashing their games.

A-Volute are also responsible for the broken Nahimic software. Which is also known to crash games.

So if you are able to remove this Sonic studio 2 software, it will fix the problem.

Note just exiting the SS2 program will NOT fix the problem. The developers (arrogantly) run the app when the PC starts up, so that it runs all the time in the background. You need to completely uninstall it, or at least stop it running at startup.