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T4300 vs T5870 vs T7500

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  • T4300 vs T5870 vs T7500

    What you think about this cpu models? I have Acer 5738zg with JV50_MV motherboard and T4300, with T5870 and T7500 work very well.
    On your site i found this information:

    Pentium Dual-Core T4300 @ 2.10GHz 1438 586 NA NA
    Intel Core2 Duo T7500 @ 2.20GHz 1254 654 18.18 $68.96*
    Intel Core2 Duo T5870 @ 2.00GHz 1111 703 NA NA

    If this is true, T4300 is better processor than the other two in this list. Can someone explain this?
    In service manual for Acer Aspire-5738G-5738ZG-5738Z-5738-5338-5536-5536G-5236 i read that only Aspire 5738G with JV50_MV motherboard come with T6600 (2.2GHz). All other models come with a slower processor.
    Could it mean that T7500 is not recommended for this motherboard, although notebook is normally run with it?
    What do you recommend to use?
    Of course, voltage range and tdp can be very important

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    T4300 is a 45nm CPU from the year 2009/2010.
    T7500 is a 65nm CPU from the year 2006.

    I haven't looked into the Acer 5738zg to know what will and won't work.