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    I got my AMD FX-8350 x8 few days ago and overclocked it to 4,62GHz. Search for BL703292 and you find it. I use PT 7.0 Build 1031

    Its funny that my CPU beats another FX-8350 clocked at 4.91GHz . I got 19009,5 points, not bad for a 4,62GHz Vishera, eh? I wish I got better total points. My harddisk isnt what it has been. Its time to get a SSD drive as system drive I think


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      I am currently using a M5a97 asus mother board with 16GB DDR3 1600 Kingston Hyper ram and a FX 8120 unlocked cpu. Best I have been able to do is reach a stable 4.1Ghz. If I go higher the system errors out. I score 9050 on passmark. I feel this is great! Would I like a cpu that scores 20,000....yes but even though I can afford it I will not purchase it for it is an absolute waste for what I do with my system. I think the 8120 is an awesome choice for most end users.


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        Also just a note.

        The CPUMark numbers for these CPUs tend to be a bit lower overall in PerformanceTest V8 compared to V7.

        So a result in the 9000s with PT8 is more impressive than a 9000 result in PT7.