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  • Upload test behind corporate firewall

    How do I upload benchmark results from the PT 7.0 console if I am behind a corporate firewall which requires user credentials? Where is the configuration setting to put in firewall user credentials? Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    Our software doesn't include a login feature for your company network.

    Try logging in to you company's network via Internet Explorer first, then use PerformanceTest.


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      We have domain passthrough authentication meaning so long user has logged on with domain credentials to Windows, all internet browser settings will inherit such credentials to go pass the proxy server.

      I can search and download baseline benchmarks while using the software, which means it would have worked with our proxy server. It just cannot upload results.

      The error message read: Unable to connect to the PassMark website. Please check your Internet connection and Firewall settings. (4.12029).


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        The download process uses HTTP on port TCP/IP 80. This is commonly left open on firewalls.

        The upload process uses FTP on TCP/IP ports 20, 21. You might find this is disabled on your network.


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          That's it, though port 80 is opened, ports 20 and 21 are blocked. Will need to check with IT for solutions.

          I'm using a trial version for the second day, yesterday it was fine downloading baselines, today I get error: The connection to the Internet timed out. Is it because it's a trial version?

          P.S. Any plan to include proxy server settings in the software as most corporate networks won't allow direct web access but via proxy.
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            The trial is fully functional for 30 days.

            So the problem is elsewhere.

            No plans for proxy support in the app itself. But it should pickup the proxy settings from the operating system, at least for HTTP (i.e. whatever was set in IE)