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Performance Test not working after Win10 Creators update

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  • Performance Test not working after Win10 Creators update


    PT8 and PT9 no longer work on my PC. At startup I get the attached error message. I think this started after the latest Windows10 Creators update. When I uninstalled my previous Nvidia driver 381.65 the program works (with no Nvidia driver) but after I updated to the latest 381.89 it broke again. Is anyone else having issues? Thanks.

    (I can't seem to get the dump file uploaded here. Is there a way to attach?)
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    It is known issue, but not with our software and the cause is only indirectly due to the Win10 update.

    The problem is due to bugs in the Riva Tuner software. RivaTuner is a 3rd party graphic card software utility. It does frame rate display and video capture. Riva Tuner is also called Afterburner and Riva Tuner Statistics Server (RTSS). Unfortunately the bugs can cause some 3D applications to crash (especially DX9 applications). The DLL hooking process they use breaks in the new Win10 update, screwing up games and other 3D apps.

    More details about the Riva Tuner bug and solutions can be found here.


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      Thanks for the reply. Didn't even think it could be related to RivaTuner. I did have some other random issues before with the DX12 test failing to start saying I was missing a DX12 compatible card. Anyway thanks again, easy enough to close RivaTuner and confirmed PT does indeed work now.


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        We have had complaints from maybe 100 people. And most people don't take the time to report a failure, so we know there is a lot more. Plus it effects 3D games as well, not just our software. So the Riva people have probably broken the PCs of 100,000s of people.