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Why are the results of 2D tests almost the same with the same CPU and different GPU's

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  • Why are the results of 2D tests almost the same with the same CPU and different GPU's

    I have 2 PC's, a MSI MB with i5-3570k + HD-4000 internal GPU and a Asrock with a J3455 + HD-500 internal GPU.

    When I use Google Maps at my Asrock and use the + or - to zoom in/out or shift the map with the mouse, then it is not smoothly.
    So I installed Passmark PT V9-Trial and run the 2D tests.
    Then I installed a Nvidia GT-710 and a GTS-450 video card, expecting better results.
    The total 2D score of the HD-500 is even a little bit better!
    And testing Google maps with these graphical cards gives the same poor results.
    Is it the CPU and not the GPU that is responsable for the 2D results and so also for the poor Google maps results?
    With other words, for 2D the CPU is doing the job and not the GPU.
    Because, using my other PC with a Intel I5-3570 and internal GPU HD-4000, then every goes smoothly.

    I have also run the CPU tests and 3D tests.
    I could also run all these tests at the PC of a nabour of with a AMD 4850e + GT-710 videocard.
    And also at this PC my tests with Google maps are about the same as with my J3455.

    I put all the results in a picture.

    Thanks in advance for your explanations.

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    Response taken from the following thread,

    Unfortunately in modern computers the 2D rendering you see on the screen is not accelerated by the video card. (Direct2D and some video processing being the exception)...The video card vendors also have almost no focus on 2D performance. Nearly all their time is spend worrying about 3D performance in AAA games. (performance in smaller games is also ignored)...So much of the 2D performance is determined by the O/S you are using, the CPU power and the graphic's settings you have active (not the video card).


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      If the problem is only with Google maps then it might be your internet connection that is slow (or your local hard disk, which does the caching, might be slow).