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i7-7700k and 1080 Ti poor performance [Solved]

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  • i7-7700k and 1080 Ti poor performance [Solved]

    Hi Guys,

    Glad I came to this forum as i am having exactly the same problem as LocalGame "i7 7700 gtx 1070 very poor performance on cpu and 2D"
    My Prime Numbers and Physics CPU score are about half of the norm for all other i7-7700K processors.

    Im not sure if these notes will help anyone else but im pulling my hair out trying to solve this. Everything seems to point at the weird Win10 install so thats my next thing on the list, re-install with a new ISO.

    > Wildlands GR cannot seem to keep up with my 1080 Ti, the GPU is sitting on around 80% usage. no matter what res or settings i use.
    > PassMark is getting sub par performance on a few items, like half the speed. i get from 10000 stock to 11000 CPU marks at 5ghz, normal users seem to start at 13000
    > 3dMark is sub par compared to other i7-7700K's. say others get 5500-6000 for the CPU, i will only get 4700-5000 @5ghz
    > SuperPosition benchmark seems to be less than they should

    > The trouble is, 3/4+ of the stuff seems to work fine, its only if you happen to be looking closely that you notice some things arent correct.
    > There seems to be no indication in HWMonitor, RealTemp that the CPU is throttling other than overall temp spikes during these tests. its clear something is stuttering/wrong but i cant tell what.
    >I installed Win10 with appears to be an old version of Win10 - dated 2015, after Windows update it says 2016. i could install very little before getting onto win update as the drivers kept saying i didnt have the hardware device attached. including my ethernet inbuilt. i had a USB ethernet dongle, managed to get onto Win Update and it took hours and hours. when it restarted it was like i had installed windows 10 again... there was even a windows.old directory on C: drive. after that update, everything started working.

    i7-7700K tested from stock through to 5Ghz the thing seems to be sitting on or below 69c, its not getting hot, but its not working properly either
    asus stric z270H mobo
    16GB ddr4 ram
    sam evo 960
    Notcua NU-DH15 dual tower fan

    Things i have tried
    > i didnt install any of the ASUS software at all...
    > turned off and on Step C intel setting in BIOS
    > turned off and on ASUS speed step
    > turned off and on intel speed step
    > tested stock and overclocked - no difference
    > ive looked for any sort of Green throttling in the BIOS for CPUs but im not really sure what all the settings mean
    > monitored temps the whole way and they have been very low
    > in Windows Power Management i have it set to performance
    > my BLCK is 100, im just using the multiplier to change speed, everything else is on auto

    Im going to reinstall, but has anyone else seen things like this?

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    Glad I came to this forum as i am having exactly the same problem as LocalGame "i7 7700 gtx 1070 very poor performance on cpu and 2D"
    My Prime Numbers and Physics CPU score are about half of the norm for all other i7-7700K processors.
    It doesn't sound like the same problem. The other thread you linked to was all about the problem of getting way lower floating point scores than expected (about 25% of what was expected).

    Slightly low Prime Numbers and Physics CPU score point to it being a RAM access speed problem. These tests use more RAM than the other CPU tests.


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      Thanks for replying David,

      just checked the other stats he is having issues with and your right, there are a lot more than i am having issues with

      By slightly lower do you mean half the speed?
      > Physics is 400 other results i have seen for the i7700k are 700-800
      > Prime Numbers is 19 other results i have seen are 35-40

      I have DDR4 2400 ram (GeIL 16GB Single DDR4 Pristine C16 2400MHz), would you expect that to lower my scores by such a large margin?


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        Are saying you have only one memory stick, but a motherboard and CPU that supports dual channel ?!?


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          ears prick up, correct, one memory stick.

          would dual channel improve benchies like this? i know it has very little impact on game performance.


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            They wouldn't have bothered to implement the feature if it didn't have an impact.
            But it is true that many games and application are CPU bound, GPU bound or disk bound. So the speedup with dual channel if often small to non existent. There are some workloads however that really like lots of fast RAM, and on these you might get a ~15% improvement.

            You should also check that the one stick that you have is running optimally. e.g. are you using the best XMP profile?


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              Thanks David,

              i swapped the single for a double setup and now everything is running as expected, thanks PLE

              The whole reason for my investigation was that Ghost Recon Wildlands was not maxing the GPU, so in game i was getting anywhere from 40fps to 60fps (capped). Whilst most games dont really care for dual channel ram it would appear some do; and especially around the 1080p resolution

              > Findings of single channel ram vs dual channel ram
              cpu mark - 11376 single channel, 13253 dual channel
              passmark - 6651 single channel, 7306 dual channel
              Wildlands - 1080p - Very High - single channel ram 79fps, dual channel 100fps
              Wildlands - 1080p - Ultra - single channel ram 63fps, dual channel 77fps

              Benchmarks like SuperPosition have no difference unless im testing 1080p medium
              3dmark11 - 22000 single, 25300 dual
              3dmark timespy - 8600 single, 8900 dual


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                These are some pretty big jumps. Makes me think that the motherboard might not have configured the single stick correctly. Not that it matters now.