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  • Help 2d rectangles

    2d rectangles went from 389 to 8.8 only thing done was Cosair XMS Pro memory added don't understand everthing else went up except 2d rectangles fell out of sight

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    The amount of system RAM should not have any significant effect on the video performance.

    So it would surprise me if the change in the score and the adding of the RAM were related.

    More likely it was due to a change in the video card device driver software or the driver settings or some other external factor (like a bad test run due to background process doing something on the machine wheil this test ran).

    The real test would be to
    1) Repeat the test a few times to confirm the result.
    2) Remove the new RAM and see of the score went back up.



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      still having same problem downloaded latest drivers (84.21_forceware) still no luck before adding memory passmark score was 668 upgraded memory now passmark 619 was hoping to go foward and I went backwards wiped harddrives reinstalled still 2d rectangles 8.8 I really don't think memory caused problem could it be possible power supply is pulling down (Enermax 450 watt) here are my specs:

      ASUS A8V mobo
      AMD 64 3700+ (San Diego Core)
      Cosair XMS Pro 2x512 400mhz
      Gainward 5900 Ultra Golden Sample 256mb Video (AGP)
      74 gig Raptor x 2 Raid Stripe 0
      Cooler Master Hyper 6+ CPU Heatsink
      CoolerMaster Musketeer 2
      CoolerMaster Praetorian Case
      CoolerMaster Aerogate
      2-12" cold cathrode lights
      3-80mm fans