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system freezes as soon as I start the normal 3D Test

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  • system freezes as soon as I start the normal 3D Test

    My PC-system freezes when I start the normal 3D Test, also it freezes by launching benchmark test and in all 3D games too.
    I can not find out why it does so:

    My system:

    AMD Athlon 64 3200+ (Venice)
    Asus A8N5X
    Manli Geforce 6600GT
    power supply: LC Power 550W
    1024 MB Ram Infinion

    I was at my local trader because I thought the graphic card was demaged but after testing it became obvious that the card is working perfect.
    So can someone please help me???

    thanks for your support nickolaus

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    I have installed the newest forceware drivers, chip drivers, bios version,
    all temperature values are ok.


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      You obviously have a gerneral problem with your video card setup.

      What O/S are you using? If you are using W95, 98, ME don't expect thngs to work. If you are using Window XP 64bit. Then this also has device driver problems (but is gettting better).

      I would, in this order,

      1) Download and install the newest version of DirectX from Microsoft

      2) Try using the dxdiag.exe tool that comes with DirectX to see if it detecting any problems.

      3) Make sure the system is clean of problem software. Viruses & spyware. Even re-install the O/S if required.

      4) Try swapping your video card for another one but rather than testing your video card in another machine, try an different video card in your machine. Maybe it is a fault on the motherboard. e.g. a broken AGP bus or power suppy issues.



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        My system is is working on: windows xp professional sp2
        hard disk has been deleted and windows has been reinstalled
        I have only installed the newest forceware and nvidia chipset drivers, a benchmark and passmark.
        nothing else and as I said before that I too had the opinion that the graphic card (pci-express) was broken but it is not my local traitor has tested it and it works without problems.



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          Clearly the problem is due to the traitor in your midst !!

          But more seriously, find out how he tested it. Maybe he just booted up into Windows and said everything was OK without doing any deeper testing. I would do some testing yourself if you can. Do you have a friend with a PCI-E MB that you can swap graphics cards with (as an experiment).