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Wrong CPU clock detection

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  • Wrong CPU clock detection

    Good day,

    today I got a Top 20 score at the 11th place: , but my CPU clock detection for sure is very wrong. It shows clock at 3.0 Ghz which apparently is not true, cause it's 4.7 Ghz. All the time I'm getting wrong CPU detection with Rampage V and 5960X. Could You please fix it?

    And why GPU always shows only 1 card in Baselines. It was 980Ti SLI system, not single one, which is very important. Why it's impossible to detect and write true information about hardware?

    Thank You for Your attention, and good luck in Your work!

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    Can you make sure you are using the latest version of the software. V9.0 (Build 1015) at the moment.

    Then can you post or EMail us a debug log file. Details are here


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      For sure I'm using version 1015. It is written on my baseline.

      I have sent both debug files (SysInfo and PerfLog) with CPU clock set to 4.5 Ghz.

      Maybe You can help me.

      Thank You very much!


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        We don't seem to have received anything. Were the files sent?


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          sent in both info@ and help@


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            Still nothing, I have white listed your @yahoo EMail address now. Try sending to david@.


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              Maybe Your antivirus blocks attachments? I'm attaching it here too.
              Attached Files


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                We sent you a new software build to try out. If you can let us know the results, that would be great.


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                  Now it's interesting. CPU clock (Turbo) gets recognized, but Total Physical Memory always shows 0. Only Used Physical Memory is shown.


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                    All problems fixed in Build 1016 (CPU Turbo and amount of Physical Memory). Thank You very much Respect.