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What is the reason for no AMD systems coming even close to the top pc systems?

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  • What is the reason for no AMD systems coming even close to the top pc systems?

    I'm just wondering ^_^
    Like a TR1950X with higher benchmarks (doubling) on CPU and the same GPU, way higher disk mark, but with lower 2d and memory marks than a system with a 7700k? There are 4 7700k systems that are getting close to 9k passmark score, the rest being 7900x etc.
    The highest passmark amd has is barely 6k.

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    The PassMark Rating is composed of the different test suites, memory performance is the main factor in not seeing them on the top of the charts. The recent generations of AMD CPUs do worse than that the recent Intel CPUs in the memory tests so the overall PassMark Rating are lowered.


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      Despite the cpu/gpu/hard drive being faster? It's hard for me to believe that a 7600k + 2666RAM, out performing a TR1950X + 3600RAM (with a better GPU, hard drive, etc.)
      I love intel, but it feels like the test is almost staged... Idk I'm probably just being dumb and not understanding how the scores are computed.


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        If you are talking about normal systems (not overclocked) then we rank the 1950X a lot higher than the i5-7600K.

        If you a talking about the fastest few PCs on the planet, then yes, Intel is better at the moment. These aren't normal systems however. Typically they are all overclocked to 5Ghz and highly optimized.


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          Thanks guys for the help! I think I'm starting to understand. I was hoping to save some money going with a ryzen, but I think I'll just wait for the 8700k as I would like to have the most potential for a high passmark.


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            7700k systems get close to 10k passmark; do you guys think 8700k will be able to hit 10k after 6months with bios patches, oc, optimization, etc.?
            Thanks! ^_^