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Threadripper 1950x very low integer and floating point math tests. Help?

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    So, before you drive yourself batty any further, have you run the benchmarks both with and without GAME MODE in Windows 10? I have a hunch you're running Win 10 OS...

    If you're running Windows 10, please give this a try and report back with your results. Perhaps this "Integer Math/Floating point math CPU mark" issue has been resolved on these boards through prior investigation, but I've just resolved my own issue today by linking it directly to the use of Windows 10 GAME MODE with the Passmark Performance Test application. Turn off Game Mode and VOILA! benchmarks normalize. Applies to both my intel 8th Gen i5 8600k (new, not OCd) and an AMD FX 8350 OCd to death over the years.

    The exact mechanism by which Win 10 Game Mode causes the benchmark problems, I have no idea...


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      Originally posted by David (PassMark) View Post
      We had a few similar reports over the last year. Here are the links.
      Especially this post.

      So as a summary, this seemed to help in other cases:
      - Turning on Intel Speed step in BIOS
      - Uninstalling Gigabyte bloatware (e.g EasyTuningService)
      - Full reinstall of Windows if above don't work.

      In your case you won't have Intel speed step or Gigabyte EasyTuningService software, and have already reinstalled windows. (I assume you run the benchmark directly after the new install of Windows and didn't load any 3rd party "tuning" first).

      Some type of throttling seems likely.

      Some other things to check.
      - Windows power plan
      - Any power saving settings in BIOS
      - If there is any updated drivers available
      - Some people with Ryzen CPUs are blaming the HPET for performance issues (High Precision Event Timer), we don't know if this is true however.
      I can confirm with my 1950X that when I turned off HPET, the Integer Math and Floating Point scores both increased into the normal range, with the Integer Math being about 1/3 and the floating point being about 1/6th with it on. I believe this is related to the HPET latency issues. Here is a recent article discussing that, which primarily talked about Intel and gaming. I recently have been looking at timers and their interplay with different programs in Windows 10. When I try yours with HPET, RTC, and ITSC, I will report the information gathered as well as some screenshots so that you can see the information and perform your own investigation, as needed. I have not started playing with the program detailed in the Anandtech article for HPET latency as my antivirus went nuts when trying to use it, so sending that to them for examination to be sure it isn't a false positive due to the nature of the program having to examine timers, etc.