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1680x1050 res not supported, Penalized 2%

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  • 1680x1050 res not supported, Penalized 2%

    Previous test allowed this resoloution (3D tests) I have a baseline with this test completed.
    All of a sudden the system wont test 1680x1050 res.

    -Monitor supports it (native is 1920x1080 which is what I run).
    -Video card supports it (have done the test in past).
    -I can set desktop res to 1680x1050 and even play games in that res just fine.

    Only thing thats changed is I made some overclocking changes in the bios for the cpu.

    Ideas ?


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    Which of the 3D tests are you referring to? I'm assuming this is the DX10 test, as that is the only one that tries to run at 1680x1050 by default.

    What resolution was the test finally rendered at? Also did it really say a penalty of 2% and not a larger number like 20%? I don't believe we ever apply penalties that small.

    Has there been any change in the other 3D tests?


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      yes 2% and yes i think its the DX10 test. Ill try again. Ive notice also that after overclock (stable) my overall score has gone up from 4500 to 5000, but disk and 3d graphics have gone down.

      edit- I had created new user account on windows 7 64bit so that I could disable alot of the startup crap (virus scanner, itunes etc) to get the best benchmark possible. I was running the test that failed the 1680x1050 mode on that user. I rebooted, and check the bios and found the PCIe - spread spectrum was disabled (in the process of overclocking) I re-enabled it and found that I got within 0.9% of my score before overclocking. I only touched settings for ram/cpu not for the PCIe bus. Tried the test on my regular user and the 1680x1050 mode worked fine!

      OC from 3.60ghz to 4.35ghz (stable)

      Over my non OC baseline....
      Cpu score is +15% over non-oc values
      2D score is +15% over non-oc values
      3D score is 0.9% UNDER non-oc values
      Memory is +12.5% over non-oc values
      Disk is 1.2% UNDER non-oc values

      I'm running prime95 overnight to check stability again, then Ill check all my bios settings and see what I can tweak.

      I currently hold Spot #1 and #4 for this system with this processor and video card

      My latest Benchmark
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