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How valid are the scores for the top machines?

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  • How valid are the scores for the top machines?

    I notice that most of the top leaders are using 8700k CPUs. Looking at their configs it shows that most are using an effective speed of 3.7Ghz which is the stock value. Unless this value is incorrect, although I do see some effective speeds at 5Ghz+,how the heck can you be a top leader at stock CPU speeds. I run an 8700k at 5Ghz and get a score of nearly 9000. The top leader has a score of about 10,500 running at 3.7Ghz. Perhaps I am not getting all the information on this persons config at the time of his test?

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    My question doesn't warrant an answer?


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      Post was initially missed, not deliberately ignored. Might have been on the week-end and no one noticed it.

      On the fastest desktop page we are currently only listing the base clock speeds (when running all cores) and not the turbo speed (when running 1 core). So for example for baseline 951606 we list it at 3696Mhz, but it's turbo speed is actually over 5Ghz. You can see this if you download the baseline file in PerformanceTest. We should probably list the higher single core turbo speed as this is what overclockers more commonly use.


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        We've updated the table to show turbo speeds now (when available).