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Massively underperforming cpu

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  • Massively underperforming cpu

    Hello. I have been trying to find out why my laptop is so much slower than before. A year ago it was smooth and fast, but now it's extremely sluggish and a pain to work with. I recently did a fresh Windows 10 install (ran win7 before) and the problem is still the same. I then ran the PerformanceTest on my laptop and the same test using a colleague's identical laptop. They are both 5 years old and the specs are as follows:

    Dell Latitude E6430
    Intel i7 3520m
    8GB DDR3-12800 RAM (2x4gb)
    Samsung evo850 500gb SSD

    My colleague's laptop is working perfectly fine and the scores are very different. He's getting 3700-3750 PassMark Rating and I'm getting 350-450. I have updated all drivers, checked the temperature (50-58 degC) and I also tried to disable speedstep in the bios. The measured speed in the PerformanceTest software is also ok (2890,7 MHz). Do any of you have an idea what to test next? Is there a chance my cpu or other parts of the computer has been damaged by overheating, shock or something? I'm travelling alot in my work so the laptop has lived a rough life.

    Any ideas is highly appreciated!


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    Yes, something is very wrong.
    Was that 58C temperature while the machine was idle of under load? If it is 58C while idle, it might be thermally throttled under load. (i.e. fan is full of dust, or heat sink has fallen off)


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      Allright. I have been troubleshooting more into this and found a big part of the problem. I was using the wrong type of power supply for my laptop. This power supply was made for newer Dell laptops with lower power consumption and therefore not giving enough power for mine. I followed the cpu speed using HWMonitor and found that it was running at 1,2-2,2ghz and my CPU is supposed to run at a max of 3,6ghz (turbo). I changed from 3,4 amps to 6,7 amps and now my laptop working fine at normal use, although my ratings are still quite far off my colleague's identical laptop. Is there a chance this is because he's running Win7 and I Win10? The rumor I heard is that Win10 is less hardware demanding, but I don't know really. I have taken off the covers and blown away dust etc. and could not see that the heat sink is loose or anything like that. Is it a good idea to take it off, wipe and add a fresh layer of thermal paste?


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        Check the Windows power settings. There are options for max performance or max battery life.


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          I think the power settings are ok.