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very few points at CPU MARK at PerformanceTest 9.0 with AMD FX-6300

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  • very few points at CPU MARK at PerformanceTest 9.0 with AMD FX-6300

    Hi everybody,
    I just noticed, that my performance in some games is much worse than it should be. P.E. in Diablo 3 I have about 40 fps at medium Details and CS Source (which is really old and should run nearly perfect) runs very laggy as soon as several Players are on screen. So I ran PerformanceTest 9.0 and I got only 4220 points at CPU Mark, what is far beyond the average with this CPU (6263). What could be the reason ? Is it possible, that it does not work with all six cores or something like that ? Must I activate it in Bios ?

    My System:
    ASROCK 960 gc-gs fx
    8 GB DDR3 Ram (2 x 4 GB Kingston 800 MHz)
    AMD FX 6300
    Radeon HD 7870
    Windows 7 home premium
    OS and games are installed on Crucial 256 GB SSD

    Sorry for my bad english, I do my best
    Thanks for answering !

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    To start with go through the points in this post
    Causes and Solutions for a slow PC


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      Okay, thanks for answering.
      I tried to follow all instructions if I had not arranged them before.

      1. I have Kaspersky Internet security, Malwarebytes and Sbybot-search and destroy - They all do not find any problems
      2. I have a new SSD - HDD for 2 month running. I guess, there is no defragmentation needed, is it ?
      3. I have just installed the newest driver for my Radeon 7870 (win7-64bit-radeon-software-adrenalin-edition-18.3.4-march23) - no change.
      4. There is no difference bestween fullscreen and windowed mode
      5. The Cpu-temperature rises to 60C, (at 50% usage) GPU to 74C (at 40 % usage) . Thats looks like quite hot to me.
      6. I frequently remove unneeded stuff from autostart. There is nothing that is not necessary.


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        Can you post the individual results for all the benchmark tests, or if you uploaded a baseline file, the ID number of the baseline file.


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          Here is a screenshot of my results. How can I upload a baseline file (I have the free version) ?
          Attached Files


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            After running all tests the software prompts you to upload the results.


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              Here is the link to my baseline file