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  • hmm new to this

    tested 5 times almost identical results


    thats result pic


    i think looking at other scores this is wrong so is there a software problem ?

    After reading through the posts i found virtual cd was causing the odd results so ive uninstaled that and inserted a dvd in the drive. here is the result that way.

    seams better but still to high for that system imho so whats going on ?

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    It is not a software problem. It simply the fact that a "virtual CD", that is actually stored in RAM or on a hard disk, is much faster than a real CD.

    It is a nice demostration of how the "virtual CD" software works to improve your systems performance when accessing a CD.

    As long as you know what is being measured the result is valid. On the other hand if you pretend you are measuring the speed of your hardware when using virtual CD, the result is not valid.

    You disk read score is also very high. Much too high to really be a measurement of the disk read speed. My guess is that you must also have something unusual happening with the hard drive, causing the read result to be cached.



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      I just had another look at the results you posted. The CD result is still too high. (by a factor of about 10). So I am guessing either you are still using Virtual CD (or similar) software, or some type of caching software. Which would also explain the high disk result.



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        Thanks for looking David

        Few more results

        I made sure virtual cd was uninstalled aswell as all reg entries deleted - i have no caching software installed.

        Seams its a small files vs big files on cd scenario

        dvd files result = (vobs being a gig on average)

        small files result = (jpegs and raw files 300 kbs to 10 mbs)

        this seam more inline ?



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          Yes, interesting results. Thanks for posting the scores. We'll have a more detailed look at the huge files on a DVD scenario.

          Can you tell us about your hard disk system. Models, manufacturers, controllers, RAID setup. Becuase this also looks too high.



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            re hdd system

            yep more than happy 2 - thanks for your reply

            just one sata 2 disk running in sata 1 - 150 mode model maxtor - 6v250f0
            16 mb cache on sis sata 1 - 180 controller - 2nd disc is just western digital wd1200ab ide on ide 2

            sandra puts the maxtor using file system benchmark at 51 - 53 mbs

            i dont know any otherway to test it but would be happy to run any test app you need/like for intrests sake.

            have a good day im of to bed 2 am here



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              The CD test should give higher throughput results when using a small number of large files and when reading the files from the outer part of the disk. Large files are faster as there is less seeking on the disk and it is sequential reading of blocks within the one large file most of the time. Reading from the outer part of the disk is faster as the rotation speed is constant but the amount of data read in a single rotation is more on the outer part of the disk.

              In saying this, it would appear that the results are a bit high. Could you please let me know the CD/DVD drive type and speed for reading (eg. 16x)?

              Could you also please use the PerformanceTest Advanced CD test with the following settings:
              - Test duration 500 seconds
              - Block size 16K
              - Test option: Standard Win32 API (Uncached)

              Please run this test and post the resulting graph, or email it to help [at] passmark [dot] com

              Ian (PassMark)


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                re cd test

       large file dvd cd test

       small file dvd cd test

       large file dvd full test

       small file dvd ful test

                hope that helps some - my cd/dvd drive is a - samsung writemaster


                Samsung WriteMaster TS-H552 thats a review for technical specs



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                  To help understand what is going on, we have added some debug information to the CD test to capture some additional information. Could you please download the debug version from:

                  Run this version with the DEBUGMODE commandline parameter, run the standard CD test with the large file DVD and post or email us (help [at] passmark [dot] com) the PerfTestLog.txt file in the Performancetest directory.

                  Running PerformanceTest in "DEBUGMODE" is described at


                  Best regards,
                  Ian (PassMark).


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                    thats the debug mode option with standard cd test using the same dvd

                    i renamed the . log to .txt so it would display rather than dl as .log

                    hope that helps