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Odd reboots and crashes/freezes on 2DMark (A6-9500)

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  • Odd reboots and crashes/freezes on 2DMark (A6-9500)

    I just built a machine that has an A6-9500 APU. I can run all the benchmarks in Performance Test, except the 2DMarks. 2DMarks for some odd reason, either cause the machine to reboot (nothing logged in the error log, no BSOD, settings set to not reboot automatically when an error occurs, etc.), or it freezes (usually it draws this odd checker board like thing on the screen. Occasionally (and it's a lot more rare than the other 2), if I run the test, I do get a BSOD, but it's unreadable as the screen appears to wrap back on itself.

    Windows 10, brand new machine, ran MemTest86+ on the machine for 24 hours, no issues. I'm at a loss as to what could cause this. Note, it passes the 3DMark tests with no issues, and all other tests with no issues (memory, CPU, solid state drive checks out okay, etc.), just the 2DMark, and it's every time.

    I have the newest drivers installed for all devices (even went to AMD's site and downloaded their drivers, not the Microsoft Windows Update ones), and still same issue. Windows 10 1803, all updates are done.

    Thanks for any help anyone can provide, it's definitely one of the strangest things I've run across so far.

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    Run the 2D tests one at a time from the menu. Which one causes the problem?

    Can you dump the details of the blue screen. See,
    And see
    1) If it is always the same type of BSOD crash (or if it is random)
    2) If the details in the BSOD give a hint as to the problem. Sometimes they point the finger at bugs in particular device drivers.


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      Thanks for the response, oddly, sometimes it will make it thru a test, other times (more often than not) it freezes or reboots without a BSOD.

      The ones I've seen it fail on are:

      Complex Vectors, Fonts and Text, Windows Interface, Image Filters, and Image Rendering, but not always.

      The BSOD is usually unreadable, it appears that screen is interlaced (from left to right) wrapped back on itself. I can make it out, and it seems to be the same one that is readable. It faults "win32kfull.sys" with "SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION" as the problem. Oddly, there's no event viewer logged.

      I did install a known working test card today, a GeForce 8600GS, with the A6-9500 CPU. The monitor was hooked to the GeForce card instead of the on-board HDMI, and the tests performed flawlessly (slow as to be expected, but flawlessly). I ran all tests multiple times, and no issues. At this point, I think it's safe to bet that it's an issue with the APU/GPU. Whether it's the chip itself, the motherboard handling the APU, or a driver issue I'm not sure, but I think my safest bet is to replace the APU with a CPU and stand alone video card and call it a day.

      I definitely have never run across anything like that before in all the years I've been building machines.


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        Yes, sounds like a GPU hardware issue.