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Just bought the software since evaluation period was over

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  • Just bought the software since evaluation period was over

    Unfortunatly, now I get bluescreen a short time after launcing the icon

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    Please see this FAQ for a number of reasons that can prevent PerformnaceTest from starting correctly,

    If nothing in this list appears to be the issue could you please launch PerformanceTest in debug mode,, and send us a copy of the log files that are created after the crash has occurred.


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      Seemed at first as it was because of Afterburner and Riva Tuner.
      Uninstalled them, ran one baseline and another bluescreen after on idle, when I was writing my post to thank you for the help, Diddnt get to send that message as BSOD appeared. Reinstalled them and ran Debugger.
      Seems as if there can be a issue with support for NVME Drives maybe.
      Please have a look, file got to big to PM
      But sent you the last few lines

      When in debugmode it crashes when checking SMART devices when doing hardware overview.

      When I don't run in debug, it will pass all hardwarechecks without a problem, and crash eventually.
      (last time I managed to run a baseline, and program was idle after, and crashed as stated in the start of the post)
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        Could you please zip and email the files to us so we can check them out.


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          Sendt the files.
          today I got to run performance test after 4 bsod's.
          trying to rerun until crash again, maybe those files then will be better for investigation purposes.


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            reruns did not make performancetest crash again.
            I rebooted and tried, now I cant run the test program, only crashes like my first debugged run


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              Have now reinstalled windows on the M2 drive and erased everything else from previous system. Seems to work again, and have not had another crash.


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                Sounds like it is fixed then. Good news.