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  • David (PassMark)
    If speed is really an issue you might be better off with a newer M2 SSD setup. You would get at least 4x the performance.

    I would have also thought the RAID controller would to parallel writes. With the result being the slowest of the two drives. I am not really familiar enough with the LSI 9207-8i to offer any tuning advice. Did you look at the caching policy (Writeback vs WriteThrough)

    Try Microsoft's dynamic disks (software RAID) with direct SATA connections to the motherboard. You might get a better result.

    There is also the Advanced disk test in PerformanceTest if you want to experiment with different scenarios.

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    started a topic Disk Mark Questions

    Disk Mark Questions

    Hi all, I have some questions on interpreting some disk mark results. Key parts of the testbed are:
    • Dell R720DX server
    • 128GB Ram, 2x E5-2690 CPU
    • LSI 9207-8i SAS/SATA Card - Flashed to the latest IR firmware
    • 2x Samsung 860 EVO 1TB SSD Drives
    • Windows 2016 Standard - Not virtualized, installed on the SSDs
    My goal is to determine the performance penalty for mirroring the SSD drives, using hardware mirroring with the LSI Card.


    I've included pictures below, but to summarize:

    In unmirrored mode:
    • Disk Mark = 4627
    • Disk Seq Read = 453
    • Disk Seq Write = 403
    • Disk Random Seek + RW = 422
    In mirrored mode:
    • Disk Mark = 2565
    • Disk Seq Read = 455
    • Disk Seq Write = 203
    • Disk Random Seek + RW = 50


    • Disk Mark in unmirrored mode matches other reports from other systems. It tells me this system is performing normally in this mode.
    • Sequential read performance is unaffected by the mirroring. That makes sense.
    • Sequential write speed is 50% when mirroring. Is that expected when using hardware mirroring? I would have thought the card could drive more writes in parallel to the 2 drives. Am I missing a tuning parameter somewhere?
    • What is the Disk Random Seek + RW telling me? Going from 422 to 50 doesn't make sense