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How to get the old passmark results view?

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  • How to get the old passmark results view?

    I really hate how I have to click on so many things just to get a comparison view of my baselines. Is there a way to generate how it used to be for passmark 8.0? Where I can view results in multiple graphs all at once. This is very annoying.

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    In V8 you needed to scroll down the page (a click or a scroll bar drag) to see all the graphs in a test suite, then click a tab to change the test suite. In V9 you need to click on the name of the suite and test, but there is no scrolling.

    It's the same number of clicks and all the same information is available (and a lot more).


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      I'm talking about the comparison view for baselines. I have to click Integer Math to see the graphs for that. Then click Prime Numbers to see the graph for that, etc etc. Everytime I think about it, it irritates me to no end at how stupid the designer of this interface is. I regret that I upgraded every time I use the app. I'm telling you, I'm not buying the next version. It used to be laid out where I can just scroll down to easily see other graphs.

      Btw I almost didn't care enough to give you this feedback, but it was bugging me so much that here you go. Do with it what you will.


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        We understand some people aren't going to like the change. But we had a lot more data to display in V9. So something had to change.