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Help with low test scores. 373

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  • Help with low test scores. 373

    I have been having some issues playing World of Warcraft. Mainly, it freezes and sometimes gets really laggy and I was curious as to what my results indictate.

    System specs:

    AMD 3200+
    512MB PC3200
    160 gb 7200rpm drive
    radeon 9550 256mb vid card

    I defragged a few days ago, scanned for virii and spyware and my score did not change. Also, I updated my BIOS and video drivers.

    Thanks for any ideas as to what the problem might be

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    When playing online games, problems of occasional lag are most often due to the game server being slow or your internet connection being slow (or variable in speed).

    After a quick look I can see nothing obviously wrong with the benchmark results.



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      I agree that nothing seems out of place with your results, I got a 206 over all with an amd 1600+ but my 3d graphics mark was about 150 higher than yours with my 6800GT. I also play WoW and I know where my bottleneck is it's a little choppy sometimes but nothing too bad for the most part. Might want ot consider some more ram and maybe a better video card.