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Formula CPU mark, memory mark and disk mark

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    Any other formula used for mobile devices? If so, how it is supposed to compare them?
    Only the CPU and Memory Tests has been standardize across platforms and the CPU Mark and Memory Mark can be compared directly with other PerformanceTests editions. The remaining tests (Disk, 2D and 3D) are not the same on the Mobile vs the Windows release of PerformanceTest and cannot be compared directly.


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      Passmark Rating = 1 / (((1 / (10185.8 * 0.396566187)) + (1 / (812.1 * 3.178718116)) + (1 / (4411 * 2.525195879)) + (1 / (2546 * 1.757085479)) + (1 / (4968 * 1.668158805)))/5) = 4677.595655

      This is a non-sensical rating and far too biased towards 2D tests. Take for example the following 2 scenarios

      PC 1
      CPU 19,000
      2D 940
      3D 16,000
      Mem 3000
      Disk 20000

      Passmark rating = 7083

      PC 2
      CPU 40,000
      2D 770
      3D 25,000
      Mem 3000
      Disk 20000

      Passmark rating = 7070

      Can't tell me PC2 is not an overwhelmingly better PC than PC1 in any objective measure.​


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        I don't think you did the calculation correctly. I got 7024 for PC1 using the PT10 formula.

        But the algorithm for the overall machine's rating (the PassMark rating) doesn't let one super fast component dominate the result. And conversely one super weak component can hold back the whole machine. It favours balanced machines.

        So a score of 40,000 for the CPUMark is something around 4x a typical average CPU (sold over the last few years). But a 2DMark score of 770 is probably around the average for run of the mill machine. Big part of the problem is that hardware vendors haven't improved the 2D performance very much at all of the last 15 years. But CPUs and 3D performance has increased a lot.
        I agree at some point we'll need to rebalance it.