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Noticeably lower performance index of processor unit

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  • Noticeably lower performance index of processor unit

    Hello, if I do complete CPU benchmarks only in PT I'm getting repeatedly noticeable lower values (about in 6600-6800 range) than is the common average (>7900 points). What might be on cause or is this influenced by other factors/MoBo/components? Any chance to tune it to perform on usual performance indexes?
    Averaging totals here:
    Temperature, voltage and clock seem all be in good operating ranges.

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    See this post to start with,
    Causes and Solutions for a slow PC

    If this is a laptop, check the power management setting, make sure you aren't running on battery power. Also if you were running 32bit Windows, this could be the cause.


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      Thanks for the reply, this is a laptop. And unfortunately none of mentioned apples to my situation. Laptop is new so there's no junk yet, having new drivers and 64bit OS.
      - running on AC main, power profile balanced which allows 100% CPU utilization
      - No processes that could throttle performance test
      - also it is supposed no other components should be influencing the index because this was only CPU tests.