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PT8 tests not seeing 2nd processor on a HP Z620

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  • PT8 tests not seeing 2nd processor on a HP Z620

    Hi all,

    We're running Performance Test 8 on a HP Z620 and two of the tests don't seem to be reporting correctly. The "CPU - Prime Numbers" and "CPU Physics" tests are running at about half the speed they should be. The other CPU tests are running correctly.

    Has anyone else experienced a similar problem? These figures are skewing some workstation comparisons that we are performing. HP's Workstation Advisor software reports no problems, so I'm wondering if Passmark isn't seeing the 2nd CPU properly.

    Any help is appreciated.


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    It isn't a known issue.

    Can you send us a baseline file, or the actual benchmark result numbers.
    Did you run the tests a few times to see if the results are consistent?
    Can you check in the Edit / Preferences window to see if the number of test processes is correct.
    Can you check the system information being reported by PerformanceTest to see if it is correct, in particular for the CPUs.
    Can you check the Memory benchmark result to see if it memory speed making things slow.