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Performance Test 7.0- Memory Mark, Large RAM Test

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  • Performance Test 7.0- Memory Mark, Large RAM Test

    We see strange behavior from the 'Large RAM' portion of the Memory Test. We boot the system (Windows 7 64-bit sp1) and run Performance Test 7.0 64-bit to record a pretest mark. No other applications are run prior to running Performance Test. We then run BurninTest 7.1 64-bit for an extended period, shut down BurninTest and then run Performance Test (no reboot) to compare results. The Performance Test overall mark is ~10% lower. The Memory Mark test is the piece that skews the results, specifically the 'Large RAM' test which shows a performance drop of ~70% and causes the overall Memory Mark to drop by ~30%.

    Originally we thought this was a high temperature problem (we're testing at high temp) but I duplicated the behavior on the bench this morning at ambient temperature. Is it possible we have a BurninTest memory leak? We are running CPU, 3D, RAM, USB, COM, Network and Temperature.

    Update: For this system the problem is related to running the BurninTest RAM test:
    Boot system -> run Performance Test and record results -> run BurninTest RAM test (test mode = standard, duty cycle = 90) for 10 minutes --> close BurninTest --> run Performance Test and record score. Results: Large RAM score drops ~70% vs the 1st Performance Test score.
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    PerformanceTest V7 is an old release we no longer support.

    In PerformanceTest V8, this test was replaced with a simple measure of 'available RAM'. The theory being that the more RAM you have available, the more application you can run without the need to swap out to disk (which incurs a massive loss of performance).

    In PerformanceTest V8 and BurnInTest V7 I didn't see the effect you refer to. The Available RAM measure was roughly the same before and after running BurnInTest.