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PerformanceTest 10 low 2d score

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  • PerformanceTest 10 low 2d score


    I've run your new performance software and the 2d score to my surprise is 442. So I've installed previous version to check if there is something wrong on my end and my score in 9.0 is 900. I've installed all the latest Windows updates (today to be exact) and the score in PT 10 is always around 450. I've noticed that 2d test in V10 is performed in higher resolution.
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    Is this on a Win7 or WIn10 machine?
    Win7 is missing some of the key 2D components that we use (PDF & SVG rendering), so tends to score badly now.


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      It is Win 10. I've done some searching before posting. I'm also aware that some Windows 10 updates caused similar issues but it was way before PT 10


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        Your 2D results aren't that bad except for "Image rendering" and "Images filters". Both these tests use a combination of the traditional Windows GDI graphics rendering and DirectX hardware acceleration (using DirectX V11 to be precise). So maybe your PC isn't running the hardware accelerated part of the tests. This happens if the video card only has DirectX9 support (or no DirectX support at all). Which doesn't really make sense as you appear to be using a 2070 video card.