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PerformanceTest 8 causing heat problem

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  • PerformanceTest 8 causing heat problem

    I just installed version 8.0.1030 and during the start up while the program receives info on the system it just sets there not doing anything and causes my GPU to heat up. I'm running a Dell with Windows XP and a NIVIDIA GeForce 8800GT video card. Never had any trouble with the 6.1 version but wanted to do an upgrade. Anyone else experiencing this?

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    The latest version of PerformanceTest is quite different to the old V6 build, it now collects a lot more information about the system as well as having a 3D rendered main display window at startup (which would explain why your GPU temperature increases).

    Could you please run PerformanceTest in debug mode as described here,, and send us a copy of the log file that is created.

    After that could you please also try using the SAFEMODE option to check if the system information collection is causing the issue