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  • super-low score help

    Here is the ugly score I got. Can anyone believe it.
    I reinstall the system about 1 month ago. It is even hard for me to play a video.
    Can someone please help! Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

    Benchmark Results
    Test Name This Computer
    CPU - Integer Math 34.31
    CPU - Floating Point Math 132.11
    CPU - Find Prime Numbers 69.75
    CPU - SSE/3DNow! 622.09
    CPU - Compression 569.38
    CPU - Encryption 4.22
    CPU - Image Rotation 63.75
    CPU - String Sorting 178.89
    Graphics 2D - Lines 33.27
    Graphics 2D - Rectangles 25.26
    Graphics 2D - Shapes 9.06
    Graphics 2D - Fonts and Text 23.85
    Graphics 2D - GUI 11.55
    Graphics 3D - Simple 53.20
    Graphics 3D - Medium 6.12
    Graphics 3D - Complex 0.65
    Memory - Allocate Small Block 585.91
    Memory - Read Cached 1013.08
    Memory - Read Uncached 730.23
    Memory - Write 404.07
    Memory - Large RAM 45.88
    Disk - Sequential Read 31.79
    Disk - Sequential Write 17.31
    Disk - Random Seek + RW 2.04
    CD - Read 0.80
    CPU Mark 156.48
    2D Graphics Mark 91.15
    Memory Mark 205.47
    Disk Mark 184.94
    CD Mark 98.18
    3D Graphics Mark 19.19
    PassMark Rating 140.12

    System information - This Computer
    CPU Manufacturer:GenuineIntel
    Number of CPU: 1
    CPU Type: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.00GHz
    CPU Speed: 1992.3 MHz
    Cache size: 128KB
    O/S: Windows XP
    Total RAM:803557376 Bytes
    Available RAM:532873216 Bytes
    Video settings: 1024x768x32
    Video driver
    Intel(R) 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller
    Intel(R) 82845G /GL/GE/PE/GV Controller
    Hardware Version 0.0
    Drive Letter: C
    Total Disk Space: 55.9 GBytes
    Cluster Size: 4 KBytes
    File system:NTFS

    PassMark(TM) PerformanceTest 6.0 (
    Results generated on: 2006年6月30日

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    Yes the results are little low across the board. Check you have the latest device drivers, check that you don't have too much rubbish software running in the background, defag your disk, etc..



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      Can you get into Administrative Tools/Services and list what is running on your PC? There are some that could be slowing down your PC without doing anything useful.

      Also, there are some standard checks like whether DMA is enabled on any IDE drives, whether hardware acceleration is disabled on the graphics chip (Display Properties/Settings/Advanced/Troubleshooting), or whether autorun is enabled for CD/DVD drives. Those are the ones I can thing of offhand.


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        thank you for the replies.
        I believe there is no problem (at least as shown in the hardware profile) with any driver, and I have the newest version of anti-virus software and have performed full screen of my hard-drive. Nothing was found.
        And everything is fine when I only ran IE and word, etc. But once when I ran a video program, as wmplayer, realone, or even some flash in the webpage, the CPU usage of this program will suddenly jump to 70% or even more. It seems I had a really poor video card... But actually, before I reinstalled my laptop 2 months ago, I can run realone and wmplayer together smoothly.
        The driver of video card seems normal in the control panel. The hardware acceleration and DMA are on. Although I don't recognize all the processes in the task manager, any of unknown process will not take more than 5% of the CPU usage. I have 725 ram, and pf usage is never too high.
        What do you guys suggest?


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          I usually don't see anything running in the background taking any CPU time except the System Idle Process, with something occasionally registering one percent. What are you seeing that shows five percent?

          By the way, programs like WinTasks will identify most processes running in Task Manager, and a Google search on "xxx.exe" will get hits on a number of web sites explaining them.



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            Hi Mike, thank you for the reply
            Usually, the programs took high percentage of CPU usage are:
            My anti-virus software, sometimes more than 30,%
            the video players, like WMplayer or RM, took 70% or more
            the IEexplorer, when I open website with multiple pictures and flashes, it can also took 30% or more
            MSN, when I chart with several people, it can also take 20% or more.
            In a word, it is slow...


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              I think Windows Media Player has something which runs continuously in the background. I only run antivirus software on demand after I found that Norton Antivirus was reducing performance by 10 percent even when it did not appear to be using any CPU cycle. That was a few years back, so it may be better now, but all the things running in the background add up, and I've found that there are a lot of services I can live without.

              In addition, there are some, such as Task Scheduler and Windows Update, which I turn off when I'm testing even though I want to leave them running the rest of the time.

              It's worse in Vista, at least in the Beta version. I watched my disk performance drop to one percent of its previous high during one test when Task Scheduler or something else kicked in a bunch of background tasks with no warning.


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                If you're having problems with programs hogging CPU, I would point you to the program EndItAll. It ends all unnecessary processes, but please do heed the warnings if you download/purchase it, because it is capable of ending processes that Windows requires to run (Although I have never had this problem).

                There are still free downloads for it floating around if you search Google from when it was shareware (I found one earlier today to download onto my laptop), but I think the company is attempting to get rid of these so you would have to purchase it to use it.