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Low 2D Graphics Mark - PDF Rendering

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  • Low 2D Graphics Mark - PDF Rendering

    I am running Windows 10 1909 OS Build 18363.778 With Radeon Vega 64 Driver 20.4.1
    I am getting a 3% Percentile for PDF Rendering

    I have a second PC that has a Radeom R9 290 also with Driver 20.4.1 (Same os build also)
    and that scores fine in PDF Rendering

    anyone have any idea what is going on

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    good chat.


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      There are only a few results for this card with such a low PDF render result so this is a pretty rare occurrence.
      The couple in our database were using an older driver (from 2019) , it seems there are some newer drivers available that the one your are using (20.4.2) but only just newer.

      Is there any screen capture software or security software on the system that might be stopping the PDF from being displayed correctly?
      If you open the test PDF and scroll through does it work smoothly on your system?


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        I'm having the exact same problem *all of a sudden*
        I ran the benchmark, updated my drivers and got a modest increase, then a couple of days later *BANG* piss poor 2D scores.
        No hardware or software changes. No new updates. Running Windows 10.
        I can open and view the PDF in the test folder just fine, and my system doesn't feel laggy at all.
        Any thoughts?
        Click image for larger version

Name:	Baselines.jpg
Views:	2127
Size:	44.3 KB
ID:	47945Above are my baselines going from a Phenom 1100T to an FX-8350
        Below my 2D scores just tanked out of the blue. I've reran all the tests, rebooted, uninstalled and reinstalled the test. Nothing.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	2D Mark.jpg
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Size:	46.7 KB
ID:	47946Every score is MUCH lower than before.
        p.s. the card is an MSI RX570 Armour X 8GB.


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          Microsoft security patches have been known to lower the 2D scores, particularly the spectre and meltdown patches so perhaps there has been a recent windows update to your system that has installed a patch. You should be able to see windows update history from the windows update settings.


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            So I downloaded the inspectre tool, and disabled the patch - no change.
            Went back and uninstalled all June 6 updates - still no change
            Ran windows update again, and reinstalled Radeon: Bingo (still at the low end for a RX570, but not dead bottom)
            Looks like it was a driver issue (or maybe windows update damaged something
            Click image for larger version

Name:	Update.jpg
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ID:	47952