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RX Vega 8 vs HD 620 scores

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  • RX Vega 8 vs HD 620 scores


    I wanted to compare the RX Vega 8 with the HD 620 I currently have in my laptop. suggests its just 27% faster

    This seemed a little low to me as AMD has always been known for their APU GPUs and the Vega 8 is newer too.
    Notebookcheck has a list of tests:
    There the Vega 8 scores from 145% up to 248% of the HD 620 with a Median of 220%.
    In Games 109% to 319% with a Median around 190%.

    Why does it score so low in the Passmark test?
    Even the Vega 10 scores less than twice the 620:
    And it has an adequate number of samples.

    I see that the 2D Score seems to be more accurate regarding the relative performance.

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    RX Vega 8 should probably be a bit higher. It is actually a pretty rare CPU/GPU. There was one result pulling the average down, which I have excluded. So it should be a bit higher tomorrow.
    The non RX version is around 400 times more common than the RX version.