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Titan RTX vs 2080 Ti - G3D Benchmark

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  • Titan RTX vs 2080 Ti - G3D Benchmark

    What might the reasons be for the 2080 Ti having a higher score than the Titan RTX? (21,595 vs 18,755). (Number of samples: 5187, 102).

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    They are roughly the same GPU. The RTX has more video RAM, but the 2080TI already had a huge amount. So the extra RAM doesn't count in our benchmark, unless you don't have enough RAM and the 2080TI has more than enough. Ray tracing cores and CUDA also count for little (and they aren't used much is gaming either). So one would think benchmark results should be very close.

    So I am guessing the 2080TI is being overlocked more often than the RTX. Either factory overclocked or end user overclocked. Might also be the case that the RTX is being used by people with slightly slower (when single threaded) Xeon CPUs using ECC RAM in workstations. i.e. used by professionals and not gamers.

    I agree it is a bit strange however.