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    I have a use case where I need to run a performance test every hour for several days then compare the results. I am task scheduler to call a batch file that executes performance test with a custom script outputting to a CSV file. The problem is that performance test outputs the results at the top of the page and then machine information underneath. This will make it difficult for me to amalgamate and read in the data. Is there a way to control the structure of the results file?

    Also, is it possible to stop the automatic opening of the results in a web page? I log in to a session that shows a web browser with a heap of html pages open, this is obviously going to have an effect on the performance results.


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    No there isn't a way to choose what's output to the file though you should be able to remove the system information though it should be trivial to parse the files with a script and remove the system information.

    I wasn't able to reproduce behavior like you've described, with a simple script (RUN ALL
    EXPORTCSV "results.csv" EXIT) there wasn't any html results displayed when the test was finished. The results were only displayed in the browser if i used the EXPORTHTML command, are you using the latest version of PerformanceTest?


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      Yes, I'm outputting in HTML, CSV and TXT, I did this to see which was the 'cleanest' format to amalgamate the data from. I guess I can just not output to HTML.

      I can try and strip out the information with a script but I was hoping there was a simpler way that I could just customize the output.