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Command Line Parameters to launch specific tests

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  • Command Line Parameters to launch specific tests

    Do command line parameters exist to launch All tests, All CPU tests, All Memory tests, All 2D/3D tests ... etc?

    I know you can run PT.exe from DOS but that only brings up the app and some of the switches will load baseline files. Haven't found any info about actually firing off a test from DOS.

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    There are a number of different command line parameters that can be used with PerformanceTest. You can run all tests but not particular tests. See below for details.

    UPDATE: This post is getting a bit old now. Consult the help file included with the software for a full list of command line options.

    Test automation
    The /ah, /ab, /ac and /at arguments can be used to auto-launch PerformanceTest and write the results to a file. The PerformanceTest window will close automatically at the end of the test run.

    pt.exe <file_format> <result_file> <initialization_file>

    /ah = HTML format
    /ab = Binary file format (the creates a new baseline file)
    /ac = Text with comma separated values (CSV).
    /at = Text with tab separated values.

    The full path name of the output filename. It’s up to the user to specify the correct file name extension.

    An initialization file that can be used to help with automated testing, see below or more details.

    pt.exe /ah c:\temp\results.htm
    A new HTML file is created in the \temp directory.

    Loading baselines
    By placing the name of a single binary baseline file on the command line, it will be loaded automatically.
    pt.exe <baseline_file>

    pt.exe “Dell”

    Initialization file
    An initialization file can be used to help with automated testing. The name of this file appears on the command line as parameter 3. For example,
    pt.exe /ac resultfile.csv "E:\test files\run1\test.ini"

    Initialization file content
    The file "test.ini" looks like this.

    Dell Dimension L 8100

    The 1st line is the machine name.
    The 2nd line is the drive letter.
    The 3rd line is the test duration in seconds.
    Note1: Only 3 lines are accepted. The machine name can be up to 200 characters.
    Note2: Don't include any extra space characters, tabs or comments.