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2D graphics troubleshooting

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  • 2D graphics troubleshooting


    I recently built a new computer and am getting oddly low 2D graphics results. I did take a look through this thread to make sure it is none of the issues present there:

    Causes and Solutions for a slow PC

    I have also downloaded and disabled Spectre support but saw no discernible difference in my 2D scores. Here are my 2D scores from the test:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2d scores.PNG
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    My hardware is a 3900X, RTX 2070, 32GB of 3600 CL16 ram, and a pcie4 m2 drive. As you can see by the other tests, everything else seems to be running as expected except for these 2D tests. Digging further into the results (by comparing with the a near identical and similar baselines), image rendering is extremely low (7 vs 304) and image filters are extremely low (288 vs 2271). All of the other tests here seem to be as expected.

    What are the factors that go into the Image Rendering and Image Filters tests?

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    We had a few other reports similar to this. We don't know the exact cause, but the solution in the other cases was either,
    1) Turning the machine off and on restored the performance.
    2) Re-installing the latest video card drivers.


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      Thank you, the restart did not work but performing a clean re-install of the latest drivers for my 2070 did work. The driver version was 451.48.